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Magnetic Energy
What Is The Emotion Code?
The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing, created and developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that may help to literally get rid of emotional baggage from the past. We use the Governing Meridian as the entrance point for the amplified intention energy.
Trapped emotions are released using magnetic energy. Any type of magnet can be used from a refrigerator magnet to a stronger one meant for healing.
Energy Healing
Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal, so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear.
Relieve Trapped Emotions
Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events. Emotional baggage, although invisible, can affect your happiness, your success and your health.

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Interactive Body Mapping Software
It’s the next level in healing your mind and body. Get to the root of virtually any imbalance in the body with this patented, complete healing system.

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Twenty years ago, fewer than a handful of companies were marketing colloidal minerals. At that time, public exposure to even the concept of colloidal mineral supplementation was minuscule. Now, however, scores and scores of companies are in on the action. They have ridden a wave of demand so intense it has caused one company's sales, for example, to rocket from $0 to $25 million per month in fourteen months! What has changed? What has created this extraordinary groundswell of interest? We all know the answer: one man, one message, one lecture, one phenomenal tape, Dr. Joel Wallach's, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" (DDDL).
Where is Dr. Wallach now, one may ask? What is he up to? What is he doing now that so many have taken his message to heart? We at Youngevity are proud to say that he is with us, standing tall, feet resolutely planted, right at the helm of our new company. He is committed to meeting the very demand that he, himself, created, yet more importantly, he is committed to servicing that demand in a manner consistent with the quality and intent of his message.
It is curious how the market sometimes works. Someone comes up with a fresh approach, a new idea, a mousetrap that really catches mice. The word gets out. Interest rises. But then, once the mousetrap company begins to make money, it is as if a note is sounded that only the parasites and opportunists, the "bottom line" men and the men of hype can hear. They come in from far and near, gut the design to lower overhead, turn up the volume on marketing, make their fast bucks and then fly off to the next such opportunity before the public realizes they have been had.
By establishing his own company and building it on the well-earned reputation of his own good name, Dr. Wallach's fervent hope is to put an end to the very pattern described above. After all, there are so many inferior products on the market just now and so many players who are marketers first, and scientists second, if at all. Thanks to Youngevity, consumers of colloidal minerals and quality nutritional products now have an alternative to providers who have lost their way, an alternative to companies who don't even get their minerals from the proper source, an alternative to companies who pirate the DDDL tape or play fast and loose with its contents, an alternative to companies who, if they do go to the right source, water down their solution to increase profitability or spike their product with metallic minerals to raise mass spectrographic readings, an alternative to companies, in short, that are dangerously mismanaged by folks with the very thinnest of ethical standards.
Doc, to the contrary, is a man of integrity and a scientist. With Youngevity, he hopes to finish the revolution he started with his famous DDDL tape. To the faint of heart and the parasites belongs the past. At Youngevity we look to shape the future and embrace it, guided by a commitment to service and to science, we look to provide the very best of nutritional tools to the public in its quest for optimum sustainable health. Welcome and prepare yourself.
The best is yet to come.

interview with Dr Wallach

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